This Valentine’s Day, Make It About Him!!

In my previous blog as well, I discussed some cute gifting and surprise ideas for your Man.

Valentine’s Day Surprises For Him!

As I started jotting down those ideas, I realized there are tons of things that women can do to make their partners feel special.

Transparent Night Dress for Women

Let Him Shop for Your Transparent Night Dress for Women

Lingerie shopping is stimulating for both men and women. Imagine the level of excitement he feels when you come in front of him in a lingerie. Now just imagine the pinnacle of excitement he will feel while choosing the sexiest piece for you from a list of sexy lingerie. This Valentine’s, let him do your lingerie shopping ritual.

Back to The Day ONE

Back to The Day ONE

It's not just women who love to remember and be remembered, men too equally love it but will never admit it. Your first official date or the first time you saw each other or the first time you kissed and all the other first times which you treasure are also cherished by him. You can try recreating any of these memories and see that priceless happiness as he walks down the memory lane.

Try Something New Together

Find out things he has never tried before and would love to try it at some point of time. It can be anything painting, riding in a roller coaster, climbing a mountain, petting a dog, it can literally be anything. In other words, set something for him directly from his bucket list.

Amalgamation Of All His Favorites

Amalgamation Of All His Favorites

Create a box of happiness that he will cherish for the rest of his life. Stuff a box with everything from his favorite childhood candies to his current go-to chocolate bars; a pen drive with his TEN most favorite movies and TEN most favorite musical bands; favorite kind of clothing to underwear to footwear to photo frames of his favorite people on the planet. A box that speaks out just his name in every inch of it. I agree this will be difficult, expensive and time-consuming, but I can assure that the tears of love and happiness in his eyes will make all these worth it.

Neck support bed pillow in India for travelling

This one might seem a little basic but is equally crucial when it comes to comfortable air travels whether domestic or international. Thus, if he has to travel often, this is a plausible gifting option. You can get a customized travel pillow with your photographs or an updated neck pillow with speakers. He will thank you every time he sleeps peacefully on the flight.

plastic gloves online in India

Masks and plastic gloves online in India

Though we are heading towards the end of the pandemic as many countries have come up with vaccines, but the time till you don’t get the dose, you have to be safe. Thus, keeping this factor in mind you can gift him a set of customized masks and other protective equipment.

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