The Benefits of Silky Soft Fabric & Why We Use It For Our lingerie?

For lingerie, satin or silk is the most preferred material. What is it that makes these materials so special that you keep coming back to buy them?

The difference between satin and silk used in underwear is a little. The difference is extremely minute. Silk is a fabric created by silkworms and is available in different forms. Each form has its special characteristics. Silk chiffon is feather soft, airy and transparent, whereas silk dupion is heavier and opaque.

Satin is the name of the weave and can be made of various fibres. It might be silk, polyester or some other synthetic material, or with one of these blended with elastane for stretchability. Satin is a smooth, silky fabric and extremely soft to the touch. It also has a radiant shine. This makes it the most sought-after textile for underwear, as it's lightweight and opaque, with a furry soft feel.

Billebon uses 100% pure silk satin for most of their lingerie, sleepwear and beach wear collection.

So, let us learn more about the innumerable benefits of wearing silk satin nightwear or lingerie and why most people love it so much.

It feels awesome!!!

If you have never felt how buttery soft satin nightwear feels, you'll surely be in for an amazing treat. Once you try it, you'll be a die-hard fan. Every day should be a special occasion, and there is no better way to add some fun to your boring day than by dressing up in gorgeous satin silk lingerie. We have innumerable robe style and kaftan style night dresses in satin that you can wear at night or for special occasions, like a night party or cake cutting celebration. If you spend your maximum time at home, you can select a stylish women's pyjama set or shorts set from our website. These are also perfect for cocktail hour. 

Breathable Silky Soft Fabric

Silk satin allows your skin to breathe freely, a big priority for night dresses, lingerie and underwear. These are scientifically best for the skin and the body. The material we use allows air to circulate, soaking away the moisture from the skin and letting it evaporate. It's hypoallergenic and has antifungal properties. Silk satin is a luxury.

Regulated Temperature

Despite the season, satin is an amazing silky fabric that easily adapts to all temperatures. Even if it is chilly outside, it acts as an amazing insulator, letting warm air stay close to your skin, but it retains breathability to prevent uncomfortable overheating.

On the other hand, even during peak summers, when you wish to remain cool, fresh and protected from the scorching heat, its temperature regulation and heat dispersal properties make it a cold and soft layer to keep your body cool in the summer heat. You'll feel great wearing these silk satin nightwear during the summer months.

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Prevents Skin Sensitivity

If you have sensitive skin, satin will help you prevent the itching, redness and irritation that might come from synthetic fibres. Our 100% silk satin collection looks good on women of all ages. It feels great on the skin. We also add a bit of elastane to improve stretchability and make our garments take the shape of your body and make you look more gorgeous than ever before. It suits every skin type and does not cause redness, itching or rashes. 

Most of our past customers who suffered from eczema reported that their symptoms reduced to a huge extent after wearing our silk satin night dresses. Our nightdresses were not too tight, which made them feel relaxed and happy.

Versatile Dresses

As satin is durable and fluid, it has innumerable applications for lingerie and loungewear. Even our baby dolls and beachwear have comfortable satin in them. None of our products has anything artificial in them. From classy satin robes worn by Hollywood stars to sexy shorts, kaftans and baby dolls worn by models, we have everything you need to live a glamorous life.

How to care for silk satin?

How do I take care of silk satin? 

You can easily wash them with your hands and a gentle washing liquid or washing detergent. Dry them in a shady area. They don't get creased, so there is no need to iron them. They can be easily kept in your clothes drawer or cupboard without fear of being eaten by insects.


This is why we prefer silky soft fabrics for lingerie and nightwear. Check out our trendy collection on the website and choose your favourite ones now. Our kaftans, robes, short sets and pajama sets are all available in soft, satin, silk fabric and looks gorgeous. Our experts make sure that the best satin is used by testing the garments in different ways. We use various physical and machine testing procedures for testing our nightwear collection and the material used. Satin clothes are always available for a reasonable price, so you'll get stuff at different price ranges suiting your pocket. The best part is that you get them in bright, pretty colours. Buy your favourite ones before they are purchased by somebody else!