Latest & Trending Mehandi Design For Karwa Chauth

Applying henna on your palms and soles is older than you can imagine. There are innumerable mehndi designs. Some of the designs have been inspired by designs from different parts of the world. Some of them are from our very own country, India. Many of us didn't even know about the existence of these mehndi designs. Don't worry. Today we'll discuss the different designs and how they are made.

Arabic Mehndi 

Arabic mehndi designs are modern but unique. It includes a mix of floral designs and geometric patterns. These designs are bold, beautiful and loved by most women worldwide who apply henna. It is a hit during marriages, as it's easy to apply. Newbies can apply this design because of the bold and significant motifs. It is extremely elegant and mind-blowing. This mehndi also looks good if you remain at home in your sleep wear or night dress.

Indian Mehndi

Indian mehndi designs are not just worn during bridal occasions, but they look great with almost all Indian dresses, like a salwar kameez or a lehenga.

It has paisleys, intricate meshwork, florals, peacocks, stars etc. Indian designs are an amazing combination of Arabic and Indian elements. Indian designs are the most common ones and look awesome on women of all ages. The person applying it usually ensures that the design is not that loud and suits the person wearing it.

Khafif Mehndi

This is the most trending design. These are simple Mehandi designs. The term khafif was originally discovered in Arabia and means highly fragile and intricate. It requires a high focus on detailed decor and motifs. These designs consist of swirls, waves, stripes, shaded colors, tombs etc. We also get to notice various abstract and non-abstract modern designs. This is the most sought-after design in middle east countries and Pakistan.

Moroccan Mehndi

Moroccan Designs are most popular in the gulf countries. It is just like Arabic Mehndi, but ten times easier than that.

Moroccan mehndi is a modern version of traditional mehndi art that looks different and trendy.

Moroccan designs were first created to protect from all evil. These designs especially comprise diamond-shaped motifs protecting the bride and groom from the evil eye.

These are the simplest designs, and even amateurs can make them.

Bridal Mehandi Designs

This mehndi design is essential during Indian marriages. Indian weddings can't happen without a Mehandi ceremony. One day is dedicated to celebrating the application of mehndi and is enjoyed by everyone at the venue. Indian bridal designs consist of delicate motifs as well as bold elements. 

There are also innumerable scientific facts behind the application of mehndi.

It usually depends on Indian brides as to what kind of design she wants to apply.

Mehndi also has many cooling properties; if you apply it to your palms or feet, you can feel the cooling sensation throughout your body. It relieves people of stress and tension by keeping the mind and body cool. The bride needs to apply mehndi before her wedding to remain relieved of all stress and tension.

Jewellery Mehndi

This design looks like jewelry on your hands. This simple Mehandi design is uncomplicated, minimal, and looks extremely elegant. It is a sought-after design amongst new brides. You will prefer this design if you are not fond of rich artwork.

Applying these designs is more than sufficient, and you won't require any jewelry. It is usually sufficient to decorate your hands and feet.

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Tattoo Mehndi

People fear tattoos because of the sharp needles used to make them. The pain and the danger of infection. The best is to use mehndi for making tattoos. 

Tattoo mehndi is an art form that can be made anywhere on the body, but it is temporary. You can make it on your hands, back, legs, neck, ankle, stomach or anywhere else.

Real tattoos are hard to remove, and you get a permanent scar on your body. This is the reason why maximum people prefer mehndi tattoos.

Concluding words

Did you know that with time, even western countries have adopted the culture of applying mehndi? They have introduced their style with modern designs, geometric shapes, patterns and much more. Even if it's not a part of their culture, they use it for its cooling effect and medicinal properties.

Were you aware of these mehndi styles? There are innumerable mehndi designs, and we cannot cover all of them in a single blog.

Every mehndi design from each part of the world signifies something different. It is significant for every culture. The different designs, borders, and motifs all look gorgeous on any person who applies them to their hands. It is applied on women's hands and feet, but men from various parts of India are said to apply it during their weddings.

Learning about new cultures from different parts of the world is really fun. If there is anything of this sort that you wish to know about, let us know in the comments and suggestions, and we'll come up with something interesting in our coming blogs.

It is very interesting to learn about new cultures, and I hope you like them too.

If there is any such topic you’d like to know about, please let us know in the comment section. We'll surely come up with a blog on that topic. Meanwhile, you can check out some exclusive lingerie, expensive night dresses, night dresses available at a pocket-friendly budget, baby dolls, and beach wear on our Billebon website.