Shame? Bring Your Bra On!

There is definitely something wrong with when girls are judged when they hang out their undergarments along with their other clothes to dry while it is predominantly not an issue when men showcase their boxer briefs and other kinds of undergarments that they wear.

Fortunately, most women in this generation no longer need to hide her face in shame once she needs to encounter and purchase a good pair of bras with a lot of companies who offer their goods in the digital platform. Once word got out, it did not take a long time for millions of consumers to do their lingerie online shopping in India.

The double standards that clearly exists from decades along is clearly still visible up to this day in Indian culture. This allows most women to ask why there is shame in the first place when it is perfectly normal for a conservative country to have women who would like to cover themselves among other reasons.

It has been said that this kind of prejudice sprung from the country's rich literature. It has been told that a woman's bare bosom caused chaos with men who were ungodly in nature the moment she stepped foot on Earth. Hence, the start of the never-ending judgment for women.

But times up and times are definitely changing.

It took countless years of struggle for women to be heard which Bollywood and other influencers were able to help form the new and more liberal view on a bra. Movies, series, and other forms of entertainment allowed these game-changers to wear a bra on-screen which got girls wanting to get their hands on it as soon as they can. What used to be an undergarment that was oftentimes sexualized from a male gaze is now an item that is anchored for women to enjoy primarily for themselves and for a partner of their choice. A traditional market stall soon shifted into a lingerie online shop in India.

A lingerie online store in India is now as common as a pharmacy or a cafe with a lot of them to choose from including Billebon whose products do not disappoint while making sure that women get access to high-quality products without breaking the bank.

The new normal that Billebon is constantly supporting is helping reshape the cultural and social perception of what a good brassiere should be like - it should be soft enough for comfort with durable materials that will make your penny worth it’s every cent. The proper size also matters as well as women come in various shapes and sizes which are now celebrated instead of being shamed. In addition, it also allowed women to celebrate themselves and their own creativity and freedom to express themselves through their undergarments.

A bra is not just another pair of a bra at Billebon. It is a byproduct of a progressive message on how women should be able to bring that kind of conversation to the table without feeling any form of judgment. It is no longer time to hide in shame but to finally step out and practice the most authentic version of you.