How Bollywood Actress Onscreen Made Lingerie In

There is no denying with the fact that celebrities and other influential public figures greatly affect how the majority of women shop as these celebrities have the power to dictate what is trendy and stylish when it comes to the world of fashion - this does not exempt lingerie. In fact, there is a recurring trend on how they style and incorporate this kind of clothing in their everyday looks. Here are a few of your idols rocking the following items:

Sonam Kapoor

This actress surely knows how to dress and pose for the camera for an effortless look which makes us which we had the same oozing confidence. She has rocked multiple brassieres and other forms of undergarment made out of latex material for her magazine shoots which we're sure is hard to count by now.

Shraddha Kapoor

She is known as the beautiful goddess in the Baaghi love song entitled 'Bas Tera' where she indirectly told every woman just how important it is to have a caged bikini top in their closets. This provided the support a bra should provide well along with the illusion of having a toned body without hitting the gym. Its versatile uses also allow one to be as creative as one wishes as this kind of brassiere can be worn alone, with a sheer top or even underneath a tank top.

Deepika Padukone

If there is someone that has to be credited for a six-strap bralette's enormous success among the younger audience then you're reading at about her right now. This trend is popular among a lot of younger girls because it allowed them to show their backs without any problem at all. Plus, can we really blame them if the bralette is just too comfortable to ditch? No need to wait for your next vacation to sport this one.

Alia Bhatt

Though it should come as no surprise that most celebrities live a luxurious lifestyle as they wear designer clothes. This actress is no stranger to such thing as she proudly flaunted a Christian Dior Straps while wearing a bright red gown in an awards show. Though the style of the gown is quite common, it is a rare sight for celebrities to accentuate straps of it - not to mention the strap alone featured its designer logo which has become a household name for anyone in the entertainment industry.

Jacqueline Fernandez

In one of her successful films, she is seen wearing a cage bra that had multiple straps in front which is pretty much exciting for those who want to add a dash of sophistication to their outfit without too many layers added. Her outfit, accompanied by classic denim short, only proves that lingerie has a place for every corner on this earth including the beach. Who says sexy only comes in black? She definitely proved us wrong.

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