Latest Tops for Women and Other Monsoon-Inspired Surprises for Her!

Love needs no special occasion or reason to be celebrated. Pampering your partner and showing them your affection without any purpose or out of the blue is the best way to tell them how much they mean to you. Women are all about expressing love, which does not always need to be in the form of gifts or presents. On the contrary, I believe that action speaks louder than words, and women are for efforts rather than extravagant gifts. The season is changing, and many parts of the country have witnessed light showers. Monsoon is here; the season of love and romance is here. With the showers of rain, shower her with your love by getting her the latest tops for women, cooking for her, planning surprise road trips, and more.

This blog highlights cute gifts and loving gestures to pamper her in the season of romance and rainfall.

Fritters and Tea

Fritters, tea, and rain is anything missing for a perfect Bollywood-style romance. I can see your mouth-watering even while reading the title. If it is the first shower of rain, visit her at her office, college, or wherever you meet, and get her some hot fritters and a steaming cup of tea. Seeing the rainfall while eating fritters, sipping tea, and listening to the person you love is an unmatched feeling, and no number of dinner dates at fancy restaurants can even come closer to this.

Road Trips and Bike Rides

Travelling in monsoon is a surreal experience, and when the love of your life is accompanying you, what else do you need? Every time it showers, she surely might come up with a bike ride or a car drive plan to a beach, waterfall, or any scenic location around your city. This time when it rains, surprise her with a road trip to a destination that she would love to be with you. Also, as I mentioned earlier, women are more about efforts than worldly pleasures. If you are heading to a place that requires a consistent amount of travel, make sure to get her a neck support pillow for traveling. A neck support pillow supports her head while sleeping in transit without stressing her shoulders, back, or neck. This shows how nicely you have planned the surprise and reflects your love, care, and thoughtfulness for her.

Latest Tops for Women

Efforts and little gifts go a long way in a successful relationship, and I am not suggesting this only to the men. Women, too, should pamper their partner with surprises and gifts, as in a perfect relationship, both partners are equals.

If it is her first day at college, or she has resumed office after working from home for a long time, or just like that, get her latest tops for women and sneak them in her bag, wardrobe, or under her pillow. The latest tops for women come in an inexpensive range without denting a hole in your pocket, and to see her surprised expressions will be priceless.


I know the heading of this point has baffled you, and you might be wondering what role medicines will play amidst the shower of rain, love, and romance. Love is not only about fantasy and getting mushy-mushy all the time, but it is about responsibility and efforts for your partner's well-being. There has been a surge in the number of covid cases in the country lately, so having sanitizers, immunity boosters, and masks handy is essential for everyone stepping outdoors. Besides this, most people suffer from viral cold and flu this season due to being drenched in water for longer and the overall dampness in the atmosphere. Thus, getting her a basic medical kit with all these medicines, sanitizers, and mask is a perfect example of your love and care.

Drenching Together

Generally, women get overjoyed when it first rains and love getting drenched, while men do not feel the same. There might be exceptions, but men are not that big fans of getting drenched in the rain like women in the larger scenario. Thus, for a change and to surprise her, you can pull her and get drenched outdoors rather than she is the one persuading you. Also, if you are near a street, having hot corn or roasted corn with spices and a cup of tea is the best thing to do away with the cold while drenching in rainwater. Splashing water on each other and reliving your childhood memories with your soulmate is the best experience.

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Sexy Lingerie

Can any song, blog, or article discussing rainfall and monsoon ever be complete without mentioning the romantic angle we have grown up watching in movies, ads, and television soaps. Probably, we Indians are not alone in associating rainfall and monsoon with love and romance, as Hollywood has done numerous times in many romantic films.

In simple words, the monsoon is a season of love and romance, and if you want to take your relationship one step forward physically, this is undoubtedly the best time to do so. Even if you are married, sneak a sexy night dress for women under your partner’s quilt or pillow before she hits the bed, and see how there is a shower of rain outside and love inside your bedroom.