How To Transform Your Lingerie - A Quick Guide to Styling

Women are now changing the way lingerie is primarily viewed and there has been a dramatic shift from a necessity into something that you can proudly show off in your casual outfit. This is why a sexy night dress no longer just belongs to special nights and other occasions as more clients are placing their orders from one cart to the other when they browse through various lingerie online stores in India.

This is precisely why Billebon – a local and independent shop from the country is coming up with more designs and styles that can suit its consumers in the right way. If you want to hop on the trend and learn how to rock the latest ladies nightdress in India, then read ahead to learn more.

Sheer Top And Bra

This kind of fashion always exudes sophistication especially when it is paired with other items such as a dark-colored blazer or a pair of trousers which is perfect for those who want to look effortlessly sexy. Asymmetrical hemlines are also hitting the market with various fashion houses playing around with this kind of style.

Sheer Dress with High Top Panties

If you want to show off your long legs without going fully naked then this might be the look that suits you best. As for other fashion police might say, a good balance to this kind of look is best paired with a specific top that covers the chest which leaves the rest to one's imagination.

Slip Dress And Sweater

This is perfect for those who wish to explore how to make their favorite nighties something that is easy to pull off and that is sure to catch attention without the controversial look. The sweater keeps you from feeling chilly as the nightgown has the tendency to be quite thin.

Tight Dress With A Statement Bra

A dress that hugs the body is a great way to show off one's curves without trying so hard. What's great is that some of these dresses come with a plunging neckline that can leave the chest area bare. This is why a pop of drama is added when you add a statement bra with its intricate details to complete the look for the day.

Fur Coat, Jeans and Bustier

Bring back the victorian era with your bustier to the modern world as you pair it with denim pants to show a hint of chicness to your style. As for the fur, you can never go wrong with something that keeps you warm during the cold season without compromising an avant-garde style.

Sheer Slip And Leather Pants

If you happen to be petite then this might go well with your body shape as it gives a youthful vibe to your outfit without exposing too much of your chest area. However, this does not mean that any other size can't wear this one. Feel free to flaunt your voluminous breasts or you can wear a bandeau underneath to keep things in control.

That's it and if you're looking for cute night suits online in India, you know where to shop.