Cute night suits online India and the law of attraction!

We love to dive deeper in the concepts and notions that might in some way or the other help the feminine community. We have shed light on a number of medical concepts such as breast cancer; tips to enhance sexual life; hygiene related topics revolving around menstruation and vagina; and a range of other topics.

In this blog, let's understand the psychological and mental effects of being attracted to someone. Does being attracted to someone make you more attractive? Does being in love make everything around lovable?


Let’s understand how being attracted to someone makes you more attractive.

People who like us

People who like us

A majority of individuals out there are attracted to someone who shows true appreciation towards them. There is a minority of people who are attracted to the unavailable types, and this rule definitely does not apply to them.

Everyone is insecure about some or the other thing in them, and when someone genuinely compliments you or in other ways appreciates you for being you, the guards come down. Thus, when you genuinely compliment someone or like someone for who they are, there are good chances that they will like you back.

Energy flows

Energy flows

It might have happened with you, when you are with someone and their vibes tell you that they don’t like you. They do not misbehave with you or talk rudely, yet you know, the vibrations tell you enough. It is often said, your vibe decides how others feel around you, and this is 100% authentic.

When one person likes another, the energy is transferred and it lets the other know. Similarly, when one person dislikes the other, the same vibe is transferred. Thus, you can infect a person by your negativity, anxiety, fear, self-obsession and other such feelings. The same principle also plays when good feelings such as love or sexual attraction are concerned.

Thus, keep your vibes clean and surround your mind with positive thoughts to attract positive people around you.

Truth Always

Truth Always

Have you ever wondered what makes a 5-year-old child so charming and attractive? The child’s unfiltered truth – when it likes something, it openly says it packed with true enthusiasm, and if it does not, it makes it known. Be your authentic self, and the right one will come to you. Just to impress someone or be with them, do not mute your real self and the inner child-like enthusiasm that you have.

You might temporarily attract someone by wearing sexy ladies night dresses sleepwear, but for an authentic permanent relationship, you need to show that person your true side.

These traits make you more attractive, embrace them as attraction is not just about looks.

Some warnings

Some warnings –

You like someone, that’s perfect but do not suffocate them. Do not stalk or pursue them to a level where they start suffocating mentally because of your constant attempts to show them your love.

Finally, learn to accept rejection with grace. You liked them, they do not. Life does not stop there. Move on and don’t let yourself get stuck in their rejection nor trouble them.

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