Top 9 at Billebon – Lingerie, latest tops for women, pillows, formal accessories for men, and more!

Billebon started with lingerie, and the love and support of our consumers encouraged us to extend our product listings. Alongside underwear and the latest tops for women, we have a wide range of formal accessories for men. Our travel-loving audience has a wide range of travel essentials such as basic neck pillows, eye masks, and neck pillows with a hoodie.

At Billebon, we have often highlighted topics that never qualify for dinner table discussions, such as sexual myths, menstruation, sex education, vaginal health, breast mistakes, and a range of other essential topics such as fitness, etc. However, in this blog, we have some fun products ruling the overall BB charts. Also, this list includes the best of all our products from the various categories such as lingerie, the latest tops for women, travel pillows, and formal accessories for men.

Red and Black sexy nightwear

This pretty piece is available in two options – red and black and blue and black. These sexy nightdresses for women have been dictating the BB charts since day one. This was one of the first lingerie designs that we introduced, and this sexy nightwear option still makes it to our best-selling lingerie list each month. The nightie comes with a matching G-string panty, and the see-through fabric of the nightie helps flaunt the inner. In addition, the plunging neckline and the satin bow enhance the sensuality of the nightgown further.

Chemise Set

This chemise set is available in a range of colours such as pink, black, red, and navy blue. This chemise is not just sexy nightwear but qualifies as an attractive outerwear option if paired right. The high-end quality fabric feels like a second layer of skin to the wearer and makes the wearer look and feel beautiful. This nightie perfectly fits the wearer and hugs her figure to highlight every curve. This hot nightdress has been a hit with women who believe in less is more and want to look sexy with minimum skin show.

Cuteness in Purple

As per one of our product surveys, this transparent nightwear has been a raging option for at least 70% of women who bought this piece. So we can safely say this lovely nightie for women is the first night approved by many brides-to-be. This sexy nightdress is available in purple, black, and blue. The transparent, stellar fabric, the vast white dots, plunging neckline, and a matching G-string panty are the parameters that make this piece one of the best sexy night dresses for women.

Strap-style latest tops for women

Strap pattern has been ruling the market for all apparel, including ethnic wear. This strap-style top for women comes in two shades – wine and black and mustard and black. Both these shades are fresh and bold, and the black piping enhances the beauty of the top. This western wear top compliments any shade of jeans or skirt and is available in a wide range of sizes. Amidst the high demand for this latest top for women, we make sure that this beauty is never out of stock.

Animal printed tops for women.

Animal prints are blessed to make everything they touch sexy, be it a nightie, a bra, panty set, or a top. This animal-printed top has amalgamated some of the most loved trends in one–bell sleeves and peplum style. This top qualifies both as formal and informal wear and goes well with any bottom wear.

Bows for men

Not many stores in India sell formal accessories for men of stellar quality at budget-friendly prices. Billebon aims at bringing the best in the pocket range of every Indian. Like our lingerie, the formal accessories for men also encompass the best bows, ties, and pocket squares at the most economical ranges. These bows are available in a wide range of colors and always top the men's accessories chart every month.

Square neck buttoned top for women

This square neck top is available in stunning shades of mauve, black, white, and peach. The free-flowing sleeves and the stylish buttons make this top a versatile piece that works as an office and casual wear. Pair it with any dark or light-colored jeans and high-heels, and you are good to set the day on fire. The thin look of the fabric and the soft, smooth feel on the skin make this top a perfect gifting option.

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Classic printed bra and panty set

Nothing can be more boring than a plain pair of bras and panties. Your innerwear reflects your personality, and a simple, basic bra panty combo is the last thing you need in your wardrobe. This bra panty set is available in three printed shades of red, purple, and green.

Neck Pillow for Travelling

This is an essential for every traveler who wants to sleep and relax comfortably irrespective of the mode of transport. A neck pillow for traveling supports the head while sleeping without stressing the user's neck, back, or shoulders.