The New Normal: Lounging in Lingerie

There's no doubt that social media has definitely shaped the way we collectively view beauty today - from the latest makeup trends to the designer staples we flaunt and sometimes... in the manner where we reveal what was originally meant to be hidden. 

Before the term lingerie was used to depict confidence, there was a more appropriate word to pertain to the linen that was used by many: underwear. It literally meant the pair of garments that one uses underneath the main pieces of fabrics that are seen in the public eye. 

If there is one thing that is undeniably inevitable, it would be change and development which propelled notable figures to expand and improve how various things move. Among these notable figures is Lady Duff-Gordon of Lucille who drastically improved the ordinary linen into the first design on what lingerie should look like. Her creation signified freedom as it allowed millions of women to break free from the antagonizing corsets.  

Though this progress changed over time with more and more affluent designers coming up with the next big thing, it was only available to the countries that share a more liberal view like France and the United States of America. While traditional media has successfully informed countless ears with a handful of information from all over the globe, there was no massive sign of cultural shift as most of the consumers were hesitant due to the existing taboo that associated women who were immodest as scandalous and immoral. 

It was not until in the early 2000s where a technological advancement took place wherein networks can be formed in the touch of a hand. These were Friendster, MySpace, and more websites were made in order to accommodate the growing user demand. It allowed people to communicate and express themselves to anyone they choose to be in the comfort of their homes without any judgment. This launched a cultural interconnection as more people were free to choose who they interact and the content they wish to see.  Lingerie brands didn’t skip on the opportunity to make themselves known as well as collaborate with high-end celebrities to endorse their items to the consumers. 

Soon enough, gone were the days where it was considered to be a mortal sin to have any of your undergarments to pop out of nowhere. This is especially true for conservative countries in the East whose culture and tradition frown upon the mere thought of exposing too much skin. 

In an era where the globe is warped into a tiny village with a click, these values and cultural change can happen in a snap of a finger. Nowadays, it's not hard to understand why multiple digital influencers tend to pose in their lingerie when brands are coming up with a campaign that aims to include everyone and highlight each woman’s natural body shape which garnered worldwide support.

So if you feel like posting a picture in your lingerie, remember to capture the most confident version of you.