Say NO to Bikini Wax!!

I had shed light on the most common and widely used hair removal methods available.


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What areas are covered in bikini wax

What areas are covered in bikini wax?

The bikini wax as the name suggests covers the hair in your pubic area. It resembles the regular waxing process wherein hot wax is applied in your pubic area and a strip is used to pull it off.

Sounds Painful?? Read on, as its hazards are more painful.

Health Hazards of Bikini Wax

Health Hazards of Bikini Wax

Many women consider bikini wax along with hot night dress online shopping India for their special nights, without even considering what havoc it can bring to them.

In the first place, a number of studies suggest that pubic hair helps to protect your vagina from bacteria and infection, and you do worse than good by taking them off. In fact, you increase the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases by getting rid of your pubic hair.

Secondly, waxing involves pulling off your skin. Your pubic area is ten times more delicate than the skin on your hands and legs. Thus, waxing every now and then means constant pulling of your delicate skin down there. This may result in minuscule rips on your skin, which leads to an increased chance of getting infection.

Also, in the majority of cases you either go to a salon or call someone home to get your bikini wax done. There are wide chances that your pubic area might be touched with a spatula that has already touched someone else’s private parts. Sound gross, right? I know, its result is even grosser, as it may result in a number of infections and allergies in your private parts.

However, in many articles, in fact in one of my blogs where I talk about menstrual health hygiene tips, I suggest you keep your pubic area clean before you get your chums. So, you may ask, are these two views not contrasting each other? Definitely not! You can use a women's razor or a hair removal cream down there, that too only once a month before you get your periods. Having a bleeding vagina full of hair leads to dirty smell and itching. Thus, trim your pubic hair but not with waxing but any other alternative of your choice.

diseases or infections

Talking about STDs, make sure to always use a condom to avoid transmitting or getting any diseases or infections. Safe sex is the best precaution you can ever take.

Lastly, what about men? The same logic also applies for them, but they anyway do not use wax to clean their pubic hair. But a complete hair-free pubic area also exposes men to a number of infections and STDs.

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