Latest Tops for Women, Chunky Jewellery and Other Birthday Gift Options for Her!

Which is the day that can be in every sense called your day? BIRTHDAY. Whether you or someone else, a birthday is the most special day in every individual's life. It would help if you always pampered your partner, and her birthday calls for extra pampering. You can get her something as simple as the latest tops for women or something as thoughtful as a full-body checkup.

At Billebon, we patron gender equality and encourage an equal relationship where there are no obligations but equal responsibilities for both partners. If the man pampers the woman, she must do the same. We have always been vocal about issues nobody talks about in the open such as men’s thoughts on sexy lingerie, sex, and others.

Before we tell the men what they can get for their women, let us tell you first what we have for you men. Billebon brings a wide range of formal accessories for men of high-end quality and comes at an affordable price range. Let's see the best gifting options for your woman on her birthday.

Neck Pillow for Travelling

If she is a travel enthusiast or her work makes her travel long-distance regularly, a neck pillow for travelling is one of the most thoughtful gifting options for your better half. It supports the head of the user while sleeping on a flight, train or road trip without stressing the back, neck or shoulders. Moreover, a neck pillow for travelling can be customised with her name or initials, and there are many updates with headphones, Bluetooth speakers and hoodies also available.

Assortment of Candles

This is a perfect gift for her if she is a die-hard romantic. Depending on her preference, you can go for an assortment of scented or unflavored candles and gift her a customised box of these sparkling beauties. You can make your gift better by adding a few vintage candle holders that will enhance the beauty of the room they are placed in. Also, if your girl is a fan of DIY stuff, you can get her a DIY candle-making kit.

Mutual Funds

Investing or encouraging someone to invest is a good birthday present. If your partner is already investing in mutual funds and stocks, you can get her a few more and increase her portfolio. If not, your first stock can foster her to invest in the market and utilise her money wisely rather than spending them mindlessly.

Full Body Checkup

With the highly stressful lives we live, the pollution, adulteration in food and the junk food we consume, life has become unpredictable, and disorders such as diabetes and blood pressure that was first common to a particular age group have now become a plight that is not restricted by age. In women, breast cancer is the largest form of cancer, and more and more numbers are recorded daily. Thus, everyone must go for regular health checkups irrespective of gender and age. Thus, getting her a health checkup is the most thoughtful gift, reflecting your care for her.

Latest tops for women

One gift option that is easy to pick and safe as she will like it if you know her choice well is the latest tops for women. You cannot go wrong here until you know her taste in clothes well and predict her correct size. Many options are available online and offline, and choosing from this mammoth range is a cakewalk. If you are running out of time or ideas for her birthday, get a few latest tops for women who can work for you. However, a woman is all about effort, so alongside this, you should give her a handwritten card or letter to balance the equilibrium and show her your efforts.

Chunky Jewellery

This one is only for the men who know their partner's jewellery taste in and out, or in an alternate case, have her best friend or sister guide them. You can choose from diamond, gold or silver jewellery, or if your budget is restricted, opt for chunky pieces made from other metals, pearls or stone. Moreover, a range of brands sell inexpensive silver jewellery of high quality and great designs, and you will find something in this range that suits her.

Wellness Essentials

You can get her a customised hamper with her go-to skincare, haircare and other wellness products if you are not sure what all she uses, you can throw some glances in her handbag to at least get a fair idea of the brands she loves. If not products, you can give her gift vouchers for the same brands.


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Sexy night dress for women

If you are a married couple, there are no restrictions on buying sexy lingerie for your ladylove. However, if you are dating, you need to assess the borders of your relationship before gifting her a sexy night dress for women. However, if you plan on gifting this, you prudently need to know her size first. Also, consider the fabric quality equal to sensuality in sexy nightwear.