How fast are Kaftan Dresses growing in popularity?

With time, the Kaftan has become the most desired garment for many. The corona pandemic and working from home have prioritised comfortable clothing. Most importantly, we wish to wear comfortable clothes not just at home, but outside as well. This is why kaftan dresses have become so popular. 

Since last year, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor and other Bollywood actresses have made Kaftan the perfect stylish outfit for the pandemic. It has been more than a year, and our love for Kaftan is becoming stronger. Last year somehow, kaftans took over the Indian wardrobe style by storm, and everything changed forever. Most people are still working from home, and hence it has become a style to be stylish and feel comfortable. Kaftans are just like sarees that women of all sizes can wear. It all began with the standard long-length Kaftan, but with time, all kinds of styles and patterns in kaftans were introduced. It is slowly being explored in various fabrics and different lengths. The major transformation witnessed by kaftans started from comfortable home clothes to special occasion garments. Besides the simple kaftans in new designs, there was a lot of experimentation with basic free-size shapes. We are flaunting them in different lengths, from 28 inches to 32 inches and around 60 inches for a complete kaftan. "We have slowly started experimenting with loose shirts, draped dresses and tunics with loose jackets that can easily be draped and are available in all sizes," states celeb designer Rajdeep Ranawat.


Like most things, the pandemic affected the shopping behaviour shown by customers. In the case of clothes, the focus remains on relaxed, loose and comfy clothing. People search for stylish and flexible fabrics that feel soft on the skin. Summers are harsh in India, which is why kaftans became household garments. Kaftans are common in Indian houses. 

Kaftans are the best as traditional clothing. You can wear them at all places, and also with jeans or leggings. Obviously, the Bollywood influence is making love for Kaftan grow, mentions stylus.

For many people, it is also a luxury wear. Kaftans are of all kinds and for all occasions. Its comfort makes it highly loved.

Intelligent ways to style a kaftan

  1. A waist belt will tighten your waist and add dimension to your dress.
  1. You can use clingy accessories to add drama to your outfit.
  1. You can also combine it with a stole over your Kaftan

 or add multiple layers of shrug or coat to your kaftan dress to look like a princess.

Colourful Silk Kaftan 

Out of all the kaftans for women, silk kaftans are the perfect beachwear. They look trendy and stylish. If you are fond of short dresses, this Kaftan is the number 1 choice. The colourful designs on the dress create a vibrant and stunning look.

You'll look bold, and the flowy Kaftan will make you gorgeous. Try out this kaftan dress for a particular look. It will make you look like a diva in the summer.

Vintage Kaftan Dresses

For a vintage appearance, you can quickly try out this kaftan look. Its superb pattern and print make the wearer look like a queen. The print suits almost anyone who wears it.

It's a mind-blowing combo of funky styles that makes it different from other kaftans. These are long and cover the entire body. If you like conservative dresses and still wish to wear modern dresses, then choose the vintage style.

One shoulder kaftans/ Off shoulder Kaftans

If you are stylish and bold, you must prefer a one-shoulder kaftan. These are bright and glamorous with a single-shoulder sleeve. Most women wear it to improve their personality and look like a beautiful princess with a confident personality.

One-shoulder kaftans are highly comfortable and modern. They bring out your feminine side. If you want to flaunt your show-stopper side, you must choose these kaftans.

All these are comfortable and sophisticated. It will make you feel stylish and good about yourself. Out of these, you can select one based on your style. These light up any occasion.

Billebon Galaxy Print Kaftan Pyjama set

This is a sassy night dress consisting of a top and pyjamas. It looks fascinating and stylish. You can flaunt it for a date night at home or in bed while sleeping. It will make you look like the perfect glam diva in front of your partner. The dark, navy blue colour is best for all occasions. You can also wear it in your hotel alley or lobby whenever you go for a trip. Women of all age groups find themselves comfortable in this dress. The best part is the design with the stars and galaxies printed on it.

Billebon pretty printed long kaftan 

This dress-type Kaftan can be worn as a dress and a kaftan. It is available in a gorgeous, soft, silver pastel shade with delicate floral prints. You can flaunt it for a late-night cake-cutting celebration or pair it up with your sexy types of denim to make it a casual dress instead of a night dress. It's soft, has a feather-soft satin feel and can make your nights more romantic. You can buy printed kaftan style night wear from Billebon.

Find out how to carry long shirt night dresses in various styles.

Concluding Lines

Kaftans have become formal dresses in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries. In countries like Morocco, it is flaunted by royalty. These are available in simple designs and different lengths; some are even studded with stones, embroidered with different threads, sequins, etc. In many African countries, not just kaftans for women popular, but men also wear kaftans.

Kaftan dresses are a worldwide favourite. Check out kaftan-style night dresses, women's pyjama sets, babydoll dresses and short sets on the Billebon website.