Diwali Shopping and gifting tips for the clan!

Diwali is around the corner, and the preparations have already begun in most of the Indian households. Cleaning the house, extravagant laundry from curtains to doormats, cooking dry snacks and sweets, and my favourite part – Diwali shopping. When it comes to shopping, women are the pro-players in the game and need no rules and regulations for the same. However, in this blog, Billebon share some shopping and gifting tips with you to make your and your loved ones' Diwali more fun!

Beforehand Pro Tips for Diwali Shopping

There are some things that you need to bear in your mind before your Diwali shopping spree, whether it is goodies for you or gifts for your loved ones.

Firstly, make a list of everything you need before avoiding over-shopping things you do not need and skipping supplies you need.

Do not get flown away while shopping for seasonal things such as lanterns, clay lamps, rangoli, or decorative strings, as it will be used only during Diwali. No matter how fresh or expensive they are, you will end up buying them again next year.

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India, and the market is flooded with gifting options especially for the newlyweds who are celebrating their first Diwali together. Thus, if you are planning to gift something special to your better half, ensure that the gift is not only elegant for the purpose of gifting but is equally usable to them. 

Diwali Gift Options for the Elders in the Family

Choosing the right Diwali gift option for the elderly members of your family is a task as they think differently than the modern generations. While most current generations believe in spending affluently and saving little, they work on an opposite theory. Thus, for the older women of your family, you can opt for a simple yet stunning silk saree or some gold jewellery. For the elderly males of your family, you can either give them gold or a silver coin depending upon your budget or stocks from bubbling organizations.

Diwali Gifts for the Youngest Members of the Family

There is an eclectic range of options to choose from when it comes to children. You can select a gift from an educational, physical activity, sports, hobby, or a mental stimulation point of view. If there are toddlers in your family, you can opt for toys, bicycles, electric cars and other options. If the kids in your family are school-going students, you can get them a laptop or a tablet as the current lot is both internet and tech-loving generation. However, if you are placing a gadget in the hands of young minds, ensure that their screen time and screen activities are monitored.

Diwali Gifts for Men

Whether it's your college-going son, your brother or brother-in-law, or your husband or your father or father-in-law, here are some Diwali gifts for men that they will love.

Bow Tie and other Accessories

Bow Tie and other Accessories

There are few options when you talk about accessories for men, but whatever fewer options are, they are the epitome of class. If the receiver has a collection of formal clothing, you can get him a collection of bow ties, silk ties, or regular ties. A classic wristwatch or a pocket watch, too, can serve as the best gifting option.

Skincare and Haircare Products

Skincare and Haircare Products

Most of us believe that hair and skin-pampering is reserved for the other gender, but we are utterly mistaken here. Men, too, need to look after their hair and skin with special products meant to do so. Thus, you can get them a collection of skincare products that hydrate and work as a shield from the harmful UV rays when they step outdoors. In addition to this, you can get them special hair oils and hair washing kits that hydrate their hair and hair oil kits for their beard.


No matter what age a man is, he loves his toys. There are a series of gadgets in the market that you can choose from for the males in your life.

These are the basic starters, and several other things qualify as a perfect gifting option for him.

Diwali Gifts for Women

There are hundreds of things that you can gift a woman, and if we mention them all, we will end writing the list probably by Christmas. Thus, here are some starters that can serve as a good gifting option for women.

Tops for women

Tops for women

If you want to play safe, tops for women are the best gifting option for women to zero on. If you know her taste in clothing and can guess her size, you are sorted. Log in to an online store or shop in a nearby mall, and you will have oceans of options to choose from.

Beauty, Skincare and Haircare

Can any gifting list for women ever be complete without this honourable mention? You can throw a few glances on her dressing table or observe when she packs stuff in her handbag to get the best idea of her go-to skincare, haircare and beauty products. You can curate a goody bag for her with these products. If your observation or stalking skills are bad, you can give her vouchers from stores that sell products from all the brands under one roof.

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy Lingerie

This option is reserved only for couples (duh, obviously). To make your Diwali nights sparkle and crackle in every sense, you can shop for some sexy lingerie for her. This is technically a gift in disguise for you as well.

These are some of the basic Diwali gift options and shopping tips to make your festivities litter!

Happy Diwali in Advance from Team Billebon!