3 Ply Disposable Masks - 50-Pack

Rs. 299
  • Care Instructions: Non Washable
  • PROTECT YOURSELF WITH 3 PLY FACE MASK: With BFE ≥ 95 %, the mask can protect you and your loved ones from pollution. The mask filters up to 0.3 Microns and Ensures your Safety.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT FOR ALL: Billebon face mask is designed to wear comfortably for all so that the wearers can expand the masks to cover their nose, mouth and chin. Its elastic earloop straps can be adjusted to meet the most head sizes while the mask can be stretched in upward/downward direction to contour the ergonomics of your face.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USES: Ideal for use at doctor’s clinics, hospital, dental clinics, caterers, construction areas, beauty shops, etc. by professionals & people with allergies for utmost personal care.
  • EFFECTIVE AND BREATHABLE: The 3 layers mask has Non Woven Inner , Melt Blown Fabric in the middle and Non Woven Outer.
  •  3 Layers Of Protection – To ensure that our masks will 100% work effectively against viruses and allergens that might cause irritation, our surgical mask disposable 3ply has multiple filters that are specially designed in filtering out organic material and bodily fluids. Additionally, more layers of filters can help extend the lifespan of our masks. 
  • Protects Against Viral Agents - We understand that your health comes first. Viruses can cause a wide range of diseases if they can reach your respiratory system. With our 3 ply face mask, you’ll be able to breath clean and filtered air without having to worry about pollutants or viruses. 
  • Versatile In Any Environment -  Whether you’re going to the hospital, riding a motorcycle, or just trying to avoid getting sick, we can assure you that our 3ply face masks have been tried and tested in a multitude of different environments. Wherever you’ll be going, our face mask medical use can filter virulent particles from the air. 
  • Resistant To Wear And Tear  - We understand that most people who do use our masks will be using it in a variety of different environments. Since our face mask 3 layers will be exposed to several different air conditions, we want to ensure that it will not wear out and tear under physical stress. The flexible and tear-resistant nature of our product means that it is ideal for any environment. 


Are you tired of getting allergies every time you leave your home? Going to crowded places? Then having our medical-grade face masks can help protect your respiratory system from particles that might harm you. This surgical face mask is comprised of 3 layers of hydrophobic and sterilized fabric. An outer layer that repels water, blood and body fluids, a secondary filter layer that is designed to filter viruses and bacteria, and an inner hydrophilic layer, which absorbs water, sweat, and spits from the wearer.

Pack Of 5

This pack has been designed for individual use that will last for a week. If you’re looking for larger packs of face masks, we have packs of 10, 20, 30 for larger groups of people.

3 layers of high-quality filters

Our surgical 3-ply face masks are able to filter out just about anything. The outer layer is made of hydrophobic material that can repel water and a wide variety of bodily fluids. The middle layer of the mask is designed to filter out bacteria and virulent matter. Finally, the last inner layer is designed to absorb water, sweat, and other fluids from the wearer while also keeping out fluids externally. 

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So what are you waiting for? We understand that your health is a top priority and we want to keep you lungs and your overall body healthy! Be sure to get one now. Simply add this to your cart and you’re good to go. 

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