3 Ply Disposable Masks - 100-Pack

Rs. 399
  • Medical-grade Masks - Our internationally-known medical-grade face mask surgical 3-ply have been used in hospitals and surgical rooms around the world. The tight micro-weave and versatile textile of our masks can easily filter out airborne viruses and pollutants that might harm your health. 
  • 3 Layers Of Protection – To ensure that our masks will 100% work effectively against viruses and allergens that might cause irritation, our surgical mask disposable 3ply has multiple filters that are specially designed in filtering out organic matter. Additionally, more layers of filters can help extend the lifespan of our masks. 
  • Protects Against Viral Agents - We understand that your health comes first. Viruses can cause a wide range of diseases if they can reach your respiratory system. With our 3 ply face mask, you’ll be able to breath clean and filtered air without having to worry about pollutants or viruses.
  • HIGH QUALITY ELASTIC EAR LOOP : This 3 Ply Face Mask provides ultra comfort even after wearing for long hours. The 3D elastic earhooks are made gentle and soft ensuring no hurt to the ears after usage.
  • Disposable surgical mask offer protection against dust, saliva and other air borne particles, virus protection
  • Made of Non-Woven fabric and offers a soft and lightweight touch on face
  • EFFECTIVE AND BREATHABLE: This mask effectively protects from smallest particales. It is soft ,non irritating, comfortable and breathable.
  • DISPOSABLE ENVIRONMENTAL MASK: These disposable Face masks are most suitable to wear in every situation at Home, Office, School, College, Hospital and other public places.


Are you tired of getting allergies every time you leave your home? Going to crowded places? Then having our medical-grade face masks can help protect your respiratory system from particles that might harm you. This surgical face mask is comprised of 3 layers of hydrophobic and sterilized fabric. An outer layer that repels water, blood, and body fluids, a secondary filter layer that is designed to filter viruses and bacteria, and an inner hydrophilic layer, which absorbs water, sweat, and spits from the wearer.

Pack Of 30

This pack has been designed to provide protection for a family of 4-5 people for an entire week. Each face mask will be able to last a week on average, but it is recommended that each mask should be disposed of after a day of use.

3 layers of high-quality filters

Our surgical 3-ply face masks are able to filter out just about anything. The outer layer is made of hydrophobic material that can repel water and a wide variety of bodily fluids. The middle layer of the mask is designed to filter out bacteria and virulent matter. Finally, the last inner layer is designed to absorb water, sweat, and other fluids from the wearer while also keeping out fluids externally. 

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So what are you waiting for? We understand that your health is a top priority and we want to keep your lungs and your overall body healthy! Be sure to get one now. Simply add this to your cart and you’re good to go.

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