Billebon Classic Travel Neck Pillow

Rs. 289
Color: Black
  • All-round neck support - Our neck pillows for traveling have been designed on supporting your neck from too much pressure as you’re sitting on your chair while you’re in a flight, on a long road trip, or even working long hurs at the office! With our neck pillows, you won’t have any stiff neck anytime in the future!
  • Comfortable travels - Since our pillows are made of cotton and polyester, our neck pillows can make your traveling life easier. Additionally, you’ll have more sleep in between flights and long road trips.
  • 100% safe and allergen-free - When it comes to our products, we make sure that it’s 100% allergen-free and made with different chemicals that won’t irritate the human skin.
  • Easy-grip - The soft and comfortable texture of our neck pillows make it easier for you to grip on the pillows while being soft to the touch. Additionally, our neck pillows have an interlocking button at the end of the pillow so it won’t fall off if you’re having a nap in a bumpy ride or flight.
  • Portable and easy-to-carry - Our neck pillows are one of the best companions that you’ll have when you’re traveling. Being lightweight and easy to carry means that it won’t easily get lost.ff

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