Where Bras Came From

It is no secret that women have been covering their breasts for ages and if you want to be more specific about it, the earliest recorded history of such practice predates from Ancient Greece where a piece of fabric would be wrapped and pinned at the back. 

Since then, a lot of things have changed as the piece of fabric that was used to cover one’s bosom would then evolve into the piece of undergarment with a universal design that almost all women use today. 

Brassiere - a popular concept which stems from the French term for an 'upper arm' started to make its waves within the fashion industry as Vogue began talking about it and propelled its introduction to its target audience in 1907. It didn't take a long time before the word was officially included in the Oxford English Dictionary. 

However, the real deal came through in 1914 when Mary Phelps Jacob was granted a patent for the said creation called a bra that lifts and separates each breast with the use of cups and straps. 

All it took was a wardrobe malfunction that gave birth to the undergarment that we all love to this day which soon became the epitome of desire sexy night dress for women was subtly introduced. 

Most of the dresses that were deemed fashionable in the early 20th century in the United States of America were tailored for women with slim figures with plunging necklines that made it uncomfortable for women who do not wish to expose their breasts. This lead the then 19-year-old Jacobs to sew together two pocket-handkerchiefs along with a pink ribbon that imitated what a corset would look like without its restricting feature. 

After she wore her creation that night, she went on to share what she made with her social circles and gatherings in Manhattan. She also tried to use other materials like elastic bands and made other variations of it for her friends. Soon enough, she went to see a lawyer and filed for a patent in February 1914 that was successfully granted later that year. 

The main selling point was freedom as the bra did not restrict movement and only provided support in areas where women need it. This is also very sleek and was easy to wash, dry, and maintain compared to the traditional corset that provided a full hour-glass figure while limiting an individual’s overall movement. 

This moment opened the doors for other designers from all over the globe to also add their own creative touch to the original creation as they play around with various cloths, materials, and other features that can be added to this one such as pads, underwires, and others. 

In these modern times, there are countless options that most women can choose from when it comes to choosing the right bras that work the best for their figure, lifestyle, and overall preference. 

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