Top 8 First night tips for Indian bride & groom

The first night with your husband or wife can be thrilling for the duo. Usually, every pair feels jittery and excited. If millennial couples know each other well, they can easily discuss their whims and fancies in detail.

The first wedding night is expected to be the door to a lifetime of companionship. The hype around the first night builds unbelievable pressure on the bride, even if there is nothing to be tensed about. Here, we have specially created some tips for the brides to mark that the first night is not hard.

It is just regular hype. Check out some essential first-night tips for brides who require comfort and support.

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These first-night tips will help you overcome all awkwardness easily.

Sex is not all:

New brides often receive wedding night tips from friends, bridesmaids, and other women. these tips simplify your intimate life, but sex is not everything.

It is just a part and helps with physical bonding and a life-long relationship. On that, what you see on t.v, in films, or on the web, it's never compulsory. It is a part of and helps with physical bonding in the lifelong relationship. Opposite to what is seen on the t.v or in movies, it's not a compulsion. The first night is mostly about making memories and not what was done. There's no need to be intimate. You can break the ice and get to know each other. That's precisely what you'll remember about this day after all those years.

Just relax and enjoy your first night:

We are all human beings. It's normal for us to make mistakes, so do not worry and take a deep breath. Just relax because in case you get busy with the past or the future, the anxiety will affect your sexual experience, so it's best to relax and move with the flow.

Remember that it is mostly about how you connect as friends, companions, or a couple. In case you get it with the help of a relaxing night watching Netflix and chilling or gobbling down fries. It would help if you did it.

Awkwardness is expected on the first night:

Your wedding night might be weird, as you have two different individuals in the same space, ready to stay together. Even if you had a remarkable courtship or love marriage, staying together is another ball game. All you need to do is to fall in love with its awkwardness.

Even if your intimate moments are awkward and you have an awkward 

 conversation, let your talks be weird. It is no big deal, as all human beings make blunders, and it is okay even if someone is not perfect. A bit of awkwardness won't spoil anything if there is love and passion. So, embrace it and take ownership.

First, be a friend and then a lover:

This is the best wedding night tip. for love marriages, don't forget how strong your friendship is. Don't get anxious, and try your best to improve your company. Being a good friend is the perfect option if your marriage is arranged.

Just take some time off, and your friendship will make the foundation for your marriage more robust than before. Even if things are not acceptable, everything will be perfect with time.

Intimacy can be challenging:

For virgins, sex for the first time can be challenging. It might be uncomfortable and weird. If you have learned how to do it correctly, ensure you are comfortable before enacting. Seek help regarding first-night tips from those you can trust so that you can make up your mind from the very beginning.

Pour out your heart on the first night:

You must not be a shy bride. In case you don't feel comfortable, speak your heart out. Be clear about what you want your husband to do. Be vocal. Express yourself in a crystal clear manner.

Get the mood ready:

If yours was a love marriage, check out these first-night tips. First, create the mood by arranging a good room decoration for the first night. Then, go for some romantic moments, like sensual massages and get decked up in the best wedding night attire, nighties etc. These will spice up things for the first night of your wedding.

Teach yourself about contraception for the first night:

If you don't wish to do family planning, pragmatically plan your first night. You can also experience the side effects of using contraception. Also, check how to use preventive steps. You can also talk to your gynecologist if you are looking for medical advice. It is essential not to get flown away with emotions and excitement for the first night. It's necessary to have proper planning if you wish things to turn out rightly in the long run.

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Last Words

lastly, these first-night tips are essential. It's normal for most brides to feel nervous on the first night, and to be safe from the nervousness, it's important to share with a married friend who might have experienced it before. They will understand you better and can help you deal with it happily. You might also get some naughty tips to illuminate your night.

The first night is crucial; these tips will help all new brides make the night memorable and full of love and respect.

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