Step in Sexy Lingerie and Other Ways to Make His Monsoon Nights Special!

Monsoon is a season of romance, and numerous Bollywood and Hollywood movies are evidence of this statement. After the extreme summer heat, when the clouds burst and cool down the weather, the mind and body dance in joy. A whole list of songs and movie scenes describe how wonderful the sound of the pouring sky is. Whether it is a Hollywood hit track, It’s Raining, It's Pouring, the famous song Barso Re Megha from the movie Guru, or Dia Mirza's introductory scene from RHTDM. In simple words, the monsoon is special, and you should put in the effort to make it a season of love for your partner. So, dear women, step in the sexy lingerie that he loves to see you in, romanticise your bedroom, and do other simple things to drench him in your feelings of love.

At Billebon, we stand for equality; if you wish to be treated a certain way, you need to treat others the same way, irrespective of gender. If you want your man to pamper you and make you feel special, you also need to do the same. We try to educate and inform our readers with our blogs and have previously shed light on important issues such as sex hygiene, breast cancer, and more.

This blog lists 6 easy ways to make this monsoon a season of romance for your man.

Candles, Curtains and More

Romance is a feeling, and just a simple change in the décor of a room can make a lot of difference. Dim the lights in your bedroom, add some cosy, frill curtains around the bed, use brighter colour curtains near the window, throw in some fairy lights here and there, and you are sorted. Rearrange or add items in your room décor to feel cosier and increase the romance in the air. You can also decorate your room with some scented or plain candles, depending on his choice. These small changes require minimal effort but will give maximum results.

Ask Him Out for A Date

Most women always expect their partner to take them out on a date, pamper them and make them feel like a queen. However, a queen needs a king, so make him feel like a king who owns your heart. We cannot discuss gender equality unless we are ready to give what we expect. So, let's change the rules – ask him on a date in the most romantic way possible.

Get him an outfit, pack it and leave it on his bed with a note telling him when you will pick him up. Then, pick him up and drive him to the venue; go down on your knees and place a kiss on his hand. Sounds romantic, right? Imagine this with light rainfall as your backdrop.

Step in Sexy Lingerie

We are a patron of self-love and have always stood by women who do things for themselves and others. However, we can sometimes bend the rule when the person in question is the man who loves us the most, and we do the same. On a monsoon night, when heavy thunder and rain is falling outside, you too can drench in each other's arms. Slip in sexy lingerie he loves to see you in and make it a night of sensuality and romance.

Dinner under the Pouring Sky

If you have come home early or it is a holiday at work, and he is still in the office, make this night a fusion of good food and good vibes. Cook his favourite dinner, set the dining table with some candles, open the windows in the dining area and let the cool breeze come in. If it is pouring heavily outside, make sure to turn down the volume of the music system or the television and let the sound of pouring rain play the role of a romantic background score for your unannounced candle-light dinner.

Role Play in Sexy Lingerie

If you frequently wear sexy lingerie to bed, stepping in your favourite one does not make a big difference. Thus, to make a monsoon night extra special for him, try to bring any of his fantasies to reality. Roleplaying in sexy lingerie is a fun way to make any boring night an epitome of romance.

Comfy Travel Plans

As we already have established what big supporters of gender equality we are, let's take it a step forward. Plan a weekend staycation or a long drive to a landscape that becomes more beautiful in the rain. Let him rest and keep the backseat ready for him. Get him a neck pillow for travelling if it is a long drive to reach the destination. Treat him with some roadside chai and fritters to make this journey more happening!


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We often say women are about effort. However, it is not only women who expect, deserve and appreciate efforts, but men do the same. Men are less expressive than women and might fail to tell you how they feel about you, but their efforts without any expectation signifies their love!


Happy Monsoon!