Planning for a piercing on the belly button to flaunt it under a tiger print bra and panty in India? Read this before nodding a Yes…

Billebon has always taken keen interest in all the basic and complex issues that are in one way or other related to femininity. These include topics such as various forms of diets, vaginal health, menstrual hygiene, cosmetic surgery, liposuction and others.

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed vaginal health at length.


In this blog, let's shed some light on the age-old practice of body piercing which has been practiced in India for centuries now, and has been mentioned even in our old paintings, sculptures, and literature.

What is body piercing

What is body piercing?

Body piercing implies making a cut or an opening in any part of the body and filling it with a piece of jewelry, stone, or any other form of insert. Body piercing is used as a mode of decorating one’s body, and is a practice that is common to a number of cultures and ancient civilizations including India. Generally, threads of gold, silver and other metals are used as pieces of jewelry for body piercing.

Body piercing has always been a common trend in India then and now, and almost every woman in the country has her ears or nose pierced. The body piercing culture has gone a step forward and many other parts such as lips, eyebrows, and belly button too are body pierced now. Many women pierce a stone in their belly button to flaunt it under a sexy leopard print bra set in India.

Reasons for body piercing

Reasons for body piercing

Though piercing a part of your body inflicts pain for a few seconds, and sometimes also leads to aches and swelling for a few days after the piercing is done, yet every other person on the planet has one or more piercings on his/her body.

On one hand, many religions prescribe piercing to its followers, on the other hand a huge number of the modern-day population also use this as a mode of expressing their rebel against the religion. Also, many people get one or the other part/s of their body pierced solely because they like it, or the aesthetic factor connected to it, or for the sex drive, or for self-expression.

Varying parts of the world have varying ways to look at body piercings. While in India, it is a common sight, many schools and workplaces in other countries restrict their students or employees respectively to display their body piercings.

ancient times

Is it safer today than in ancient times?

Absolutely YES, the body piercing practices today are far safer than the ancient times. There are special tools and techniques that are developed for body piercing. Moreover, all the equipment involved are properly cleaned and sterilized before every use. However, even after all these precautions, you cannot deny the chances of infection, pain, bleeding, swelling and allergic reactions, though the pre and post body piercing care routines can minimize the chances of allergies and infections, and reduce the pain.

Healing after a body piercing depends upon the body part where the piercing is done, and also varies from person to person. Thus, there are no long-term ill-effects of body piercing, and the short-term ones can be reduced by prudent care.

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