While most women get excited merely over the thought of lingerie thanks to the abundant number of stores selling cute night dress online in India, men on the other hand are clueless about the plethora of nightwear range women have at their disposal ranging from Corsets and Bustiers to Bodysuits and Teddies. Men can just hop in their favorite online or offline store to select from the range of briefs and boxers without thinking much, whereas women have a ton of tick boxes to check before finalizing their favorite set of lingerie.

As a good percentile of men are mistaken that a woman dawns a hot lingerie piece either to seduce her man or to add that extra oomph to the night, let me burst the bubble guys. A sexy piece of lingerie on your woman not only makes you weak in your knees but also makes her feel beautiful and confident in her skin.

feel beautiful and confident

Another common myth most men have is that those sexy-looking lacy pieces are too uncomfortable to wear for longer time intervals. However, that is not true if the fabric is of a good quality and is of the perfect size of the wearer.

The last misconception that men have when it comes to lingerie is it has to be greatly expensive to be fairly good. There is no denying here that some brands charge heavily for a descent set of lingerie while some economical lingerie brands fail to cater to the quality the consumer expects. Billebon is an exception as it offers finest qualities of lingerie pieces at the most pocket-friendly price.


Indian men widely relate to lingerie only as a hot night dress for honeymoon and nothing more. In a country like India where discussing openly about female undergarments is a taboo, one cannot blame men for their minimal knowledge about the topic.

In the west, men openly talk about fantasizing their partners in a particular lingerie set or a specific colour undergarments on their mates turning them on, Indian men fear even to accept the fact that they fantasize a lingerie clad woman to their partners at the initial stages of their relationship. From normalizing sex and menstrual discussions to educating our men what women literally need, India has a long way to go.


When any questions related to sexy women night clothes in India arise in your mind, Billebon is your answer! We work day in day out to ensure that all our sisters out there are treated to a widest range of sizes, colours and types when it comes to sexy night dress for women. On our website, we have carefully handpicked some of the best designs available in the market and made sure as to the quality and comfort of the fabrics used. There is a categorical distinction made so that you can easily browse through the varieties in your go-to colours such as Black Magic, Bloody Red and Champagne Pink. These are just for the starters as Billebon offers multiple other colour options as well. You have an option to choose a single piece or go with two sets which are customized with two best-selling lingerie pieces cramped at a very inexpensive rate. Ranging from Babydoll deep V lingerie sets to backless lingerie pieces, Billebon has everything you can think of when it comes to lingerie.