Latest tops for women and other ways to pamper your menstruating partner!

The pain of menstruation is accurate, and no matter how many blogs, articles, videos, or speeches are given, the other gender will never, in reality, understand the experience of menstruation. In the first place, PMS is a real thing, and the men who feel this is just an exaggeration can stop reading the blog right here because everything from here might equally seem like an exaggeration. If you choose to go further, you understand menstruation is not as simple as some men think it is. You cannot reduce the pain but can pamper your partner with food, gadgets, or the latest tops for women and make her feel better.

At Billebon, we have frequently discussed women-centric topics such as menstruation, vaginal hygiene, breast cancer, and likes. However, we have often seen them from the lens of a woman. For example, we had mentioned tips to better a woman’s menstrual experience. However, in this blog, we have listed how a man can pamper his wife while menstruating.

No desserts, please

No, stop right there. If chocolates, cakes, or desserts were the first things that cropped in your mind after hearing pampering and women in the same line, you are mistaken, my friend. You need to pamper her with efforts, gifts, and understanding, and artificial sugar does not come in any of these categories. On the other hand, indulging in more sugar foods while menstruating will result in a sudden sugar influx in her body and make her mood swing worst. On the contrary, you can get her iron-rich food to bridge the ion deficit in her body owing to bleeding.

Hot water bag

Menstruation results in stomach cramps. In some women, this is minor, while in others, extremely severe. In a nutshell, every woman goes through stomach cramps while chumming. Thus, passing her a hot water bag is a better idea rather than pointlessly having sweet conversations with her. If you feel her pain and want to help her out, you can also give her a light massage.

Make her feel sexy

Like a man has a masculine urge always to feel strong, a woman constantly wants to feel sexy. So you can shower her with compliments and ask her to wear your favourite sexy night dress for women. Women love effort more than words, and you can try this weapon to make her feel sexy. In place of simple compliments, you can get her a sexy night dress for women and tell her she is sexy without telling her directly.

Flexible household chores

Menstruation means bleeding vagina, mood swings, stomach cramps and weakness, ion deficiency, and body pain. While some women experience unbearable backaches, others have a constant burning sensation in their stomach or acute paining legs or knees. In simpler words, chumming results in mental and physical analogies. You can relieve her from her household responsibilities or help her conduct the same in such a case.

Gift her comfort

While chumming, most women cannot sleep in their regular position and are restricted in how they sleep. If she is a heavy bleeder, it makes her uncomfortable, and awkward sleeping positions augment the discomfort. You can get her a neck pillow with a hoodie as an additional comfort factor to help her sleep peacefully.

A neck pillow with a hoodie supports her neck without stressing her back or shoulders. Moreover, the hoodie gives better comfort, and in the case of winters, it keeps her warm.

Abolish all the menstrual myths

Whether he has a wife, daughter, or sister, every man should shun all the menstrual myths. Pickles do not go sour when a menstruating woman touches it, or no God is offended if she visits a temple. So, do a favour, stand with her and change the mindset of the conservatives in your kith and kin.

Get her a menstrual cup

In India, a massive section of women is not privileged to use any of the modern sanitary options that the urban woman has. If you read this blog, your partner comes in the elite category. Sanitary napkins and tampons are leaving behind a heavy footprint on the environment, and every human can help reduce this. You can get her a menstrual cup and inform her of its benefits. In this way, you care for her and the planet, and both will thank you later.

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Latest tops for women and other gifts

In the first place, gifts are not the only way to pamper her or express your love. However, gifts include all the big and small efforts that help her take her mind off the chums. For example, you can surprise her with a meal cooked by you to get her the latest tops for women from her go-to brand.


In conclusion, bleeding from your vagina for 5-7 days each month is not a cakewalk. Thus, appreciate every woman in your life who goes through this experience each month.