Intermittent Fasting Tips to Look Smashing in honeymoon night dresses for bride for the busy-bees!

Lockdown and the Work from Home situation have ruined several workout sessions, and many people have given up on their fitness journey as the gyms and the jogging parks are shut down. However, a fit body is achieved by an amalgamation of a balanced diet and physical activities. Though amidst the current crisis you cannot step out, there are several ways to kill the chill and sweat it out in the comfort of your house as well.

Equally important is the kind of meals you consume, and the amounts of fat, carbohydrates, and others that go into your body. In a series of our previous blogs, we had discussed intermittent fasting at complete length.


Intermittent fasting is a scientifically proven way to cut calorie intake and shows a visible change on the weighing scale in a short period if followed prudently. A fun fact – while many were busy stuffing themselves with fried food and desserts, many WFH employees had unknowingly adapted to a semi-intermittent food pattern, as they had long gaps between their meals owing to the extended working hours.

In this blog, we have accumulated a list of hacks that will help both men and women with busy schedules to manage their intermittent fasting plan.

Mental Preparedness

If you have selected a target bridal nightwear honeymoon as a challenge to fit in, and have decided to give intermittent fasting a shot, bear it in your mind that it will not be an easy task. Staying hungry for 20 hours or so, or extreme long breaks between your meals can often result in fatigue, hunger pangs, and those hungry noises from your stomach every now and then during the initial days. Thus, mentally prepare yourself for these signs beforehand, and do not give up to any of these.

Hydration is the Key

One best way to not lose the combat with hunger pangs is to drink water whenever you feel hungry. Drink as much water as possible, and other zero-calorie drinks throughout the day such as black coffee without sugar, herbal teas, and other liquids to keep your body properly hydrated.

Organize a Food Timetable

Beforehand make a list of meals you will have when you are not fasting, and while making this decision thoroughly keep a check on how many approx. calories each of these meals will add to your body. If you skip this step, there is a wider chance of you cooking meals without considering their nutritional value owing to hunger and the time limitation. Thus, make a chart of your every meal, and wherever possible keep the meals or at least half of the cooking/chopping process before.

Also, make sure to include all the essentials for your body such as proteins, good carbs, and others in your every meal during the fasting window. Your body should not be deficient in any of these nutrients during your entire fasting process.

Slower, Frequent Meals

Whenever you have an eating window in between your fasting hours, make sure to eat lesser meals but frequently till the window lasts. For example, you have a 10-hour eating window, rather than having 2-3 heavy meals, split these into 5-6, and eat after every 1–2-hour gap.

Lastly, we are all in for Body Positivity, but your body is a shrine for you, and being overweight invites many physical and mental changes in your life. Thus, physical fitness should be a priority in everyone’s life. It's better to stay fit rather than searching for plus size lingerie near me.