How to remove stains from your expensive night dresses?

Let's talk about washing expensive night dresses. Even if you wash your expensive night dresses every week, you can't permanently eliminate the stubborn stains on your favorite nightwear.

Luxury nightwear for ladies made of satin, silk, lace, etc., are highly delicate investment pieces. Marks from body oils, makeup, period marks, and skin care products like lotion and self-tanner can spoil your costly pieces. That's why we must handle them wisely. So, how can we handle them properly? In this guide, I'll let you know how to wash away the marks from your costly lingerie.

Tips to remove oil stains from expensive night dresses

It's 8:00 pm, and you are gobbling up your favorite dinner on the couch, chilling in your best night wear, like your favorite pajama set or shorts. You are immersed in your favorite show, and all of a sudden, you notice that there is an oil mark on your dress. It's irritating when something falls on the lingerie of your choice. This might happen a lot of times, but have you ever thought about how to clean this stain?

Keep the stained night dress on an ironing board, or find a flat board that can remain undisturbed over the night. Put a fresh cloth on it and keep it flat so that the mark remains on the top with nothing underneath it.

If your oil spill is still wet, remove the extra oil with a clean cloth or paper towel and press on the stain to do away with the remaining oil.

You might also use a little cornstarch to avoid the oil stains. Search through your cupboards for any white powder of your preference. It might be cornstarch, baby powder, baking soda, or white flour. This will do away with the oil marks as soon as possible. Sprinkle a little bit of powder on the stain and massage gently. If the powder becomes a little oily immediately, you can easily top it off with a little more powder and then keep it like that to get the oil soaked up.

Professional Tip

You can also let the powdered stuff settle down overnight. When you get up in the morning, you must dust off your lingerie. This tip is best for all, whether it's a women's pajama or a shorts set.

How to handle stubborn stains

To handle stubborn marks, add a bit of extra detergent on the stained area or make the bar wet and softly rub on the spot. As soon as it dries up, you'll indeed find out that your stain will vanish away like magic. If the stain doesn't vanish, you can repeat the entire procedure. If it remains there after several attempts, you can get a dry clean. Don't forget to tell the dry clean person how you have handled the procedure so far.

How to do away with blood stains on night dresses?

It's always better to apply a little detergent or a wet soap bar to remove the blood stains. Properly handle the blood stain or soak the dress in cool water for around 20-30 minutes with the help of an enzyme detergent. Confirm whether the detergent is bleach-free or not. If you use a bleached detergent, it will dye out the lingerie of your choice. To remove the blood deposit, brush away the stain properly with a brush or scratch with a fingernail to do away with the excess mark.

You might think it's simple to do away with the stains, and you can't wait to do it yourself, especially removing the nasty stains from your favorite night dress. You can quickly implement the tips mentioned above and make your best nightwear look as new as before.

Use stain vanishing powders like Vanish

Powders like vanish have such a composition that it quickly and gently removes hard stains. It's fantastic for costly nightwear and other costly garments. It has the magic power of pink and works wonders. Sometimes, you can't use any cheap product to remove stains from luxury nightwear for ladies. In such situations, vanish will come to your rescue.

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Final Thoughts

Before you hurry up to try out these home tricks, confirm that your satin night dress does not have an "Only Dry Clean" sign on its label, and hand over the job to a trustworthy local laundry person if possible. You must also always test out the solution you use on a tiny area of your satin nightdress to notice how it reacts before putting it on the significant area that has been affected. Also another important thing is not to use boiling water. Prefer only cold or lukewarm water. Otherwise, it will shrink. If you keep these things in mind, your expensive night dress can easily be a winner against stains.