How to get the No Makeup Look?

These days, most women want to show off the no makeup look. Too much makeup is a big turnoff. That's why the natural makeup look is most sought after. It's all about mastering the art of natural beauty. You can show it off in the office, at a party, on a trip with friends or with your night dress.

You'll quickly achieve this look in just 5 simple steps using primary no make look products. 

Let's see how.

Make your skin tone look even and smooth

First, you need to even out your skin tone. Start following an excellent skincare routine to look flawless and gorgeous. Start with a BB cream or an excellent foundation for good coverage and a natural finish. This is used to make the skin look even from all sides and not mask it under any heavy coverage product. You can use a spot concealer for the places which require extra coverage, like underneath your eyes, sun spots and tarnished skin. You can always use a light powder for the base, but don't dab the powder. Otherwise, you'll get a thick powdery texture on your skin.

Tightline your eyes

You can do this by using black or brown eyeliner. Whether it's a traditional makeup look or a glamorous one, your eyes have the power to make it or break it. Tightlining means filling your eyes' top and bottom rims with a good quality liner. The drawn lines must be close to the lash line. Black might look harsh on girls with a fair complexion. That's why you can apply the liner to the lash roots to add natural volume and weight to the lashes.

Highlight your lashes

Your everyday makeup is never perfect without groomed lashes, right?? You can use a lash curler to add some weight to your lashes and then use mascara to define them and separate them. Prevent a dramatic mascara that increases the size of your lashes because you want a natural look.

Apply Natural Colour to Lips and Cheeks

Adding a little natural tint to the cheeks and lips will make you look sophisticated and classy. You can use a rosy pink or an earthy peach shade for your cheeks and lips. Just apply a little bit of the product for rosy cheeks and lips. It would help if you first used a lip balm on your lips to get plump, nourished, full lips. Apply a good quality lip balm to nourish your lips. Just dab the bullet of your lipstick on the lips and slowly spread the color all over your lips with the help of your fingers. This won't make the color look loud and gorgeous. The minimal amount of color will make you look fresh and ready.

Don't forget to shape your eyebrows.

Proper eyebrows can make or break your entire look. As eyebrows frame up your face, you can use an eyebrow pencil or powder to fill up the empty spaces in your brows and then brush them with good mascara to make the strands get into the right place. It would help if you preferably used a dark brown eyeshadow in a cool shade to fill up the empty areas of your eyebrows. Do not forget to fill in the arches and slowly make them thin towards the end.

No Makeup Style Looks Best With Nightwear

ou can sport this no-makeup look with your favorite nightwear. No makeup look appears best with short sets and women's pajama sets. You can wear it for a night out with friends or a night celebration at home or in a hotel.

The no makeup look once again became the talk of the town when Miss Alia Bhatt flaunted the smashing look for her wedding! And why not? It became a hit because it's less time-consuming, lets your skin breathe properly and makes you look incredibly gorgeous. It brings your best features to the spotlight. 

Whether for celebrities on their big day or influencers and their daily routine, the no makeup look is a big hit, and you don't require too many no makeup look products.

One Final Trick

Here's a trick that can make your no makeup look even better.

Make sure that the base is good. The base is essential. Always stick to a good enough skincare routine best suitable for you. You need to have a good enough cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine with a serum specially made for your skin, and you will do the trick. You can also use a brightening sheet mask before you start with the makeup. It will make your skin replenished and rejuvenated and do away with the dull look.

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