How did Body Positivity Movements change the Hot Lingerie game in India?


Billebon believes that beauty comes in every shape, size and colour, and nature’s every creation is beautiful. We have always stood for what we believe in, and every hot lingerie piece in our store comes in every size making it an ideal fit for every woman. Unreasonable beauty standards have been ruling the societies not only in India but globally. Though, this decade has witnessed welcoming changes in the archaic societal mindsets, yet a lot still needs to be done.

Stereotypes and beauty misconceptions have prevailed across the globe, and no country was ever immune to these biased standards, but most of these stereotypical things were connected to females. A female had to look a certain way, have a specific waist size and colour to be deemed beautiful and desirable by men. Though, these shams are being dismissed now, yet some parts of our society are still blindly following these illogical beauty standards. We have always raised our voice against such morally incorrect issues as well as highlighted issues such as vaginal and breast care, menstrual and sex hygiene, sex myths, and other topics which are generally not considered at dinner table discussions.

We have entered the new year, and new beginnings call for shedding negativity and embracing positivity to be a better version of yourself. Thus, today let's see how the body positivity movement positively affected the lingerie industry worldwide and in India as well, and our individual responsibility to let others be and stop judging on the basis of shape, size, and skin tone.

Inception of hot lingerie

Do you why was lingerie incepted and what was the sole purpose of its existence?

The word lingerie in French means linen, which implies the fabric that was extensively used in that era to craft innerwear for women. Initially, there were no regular or sexy bra panty sets to choose from, and the innerwear options for women from the 16th to 19th century was not only boring and impractical, but also painful. Corset was the first ever innerwear crafted for women, and its sole purpose was to provide the wearer a thinner waistline and make her look petite and beautiful in the eyes of her man. The society then was so male-centric that even women’s innerwear options were crafted keeping men’s outlook towards them in mind. The coresets then were so tight that many women died due to the contractions.

After the second world war, women entered the co-operate scene, and the need for pragmatic innerwear options was felt. This led to the introduction of lingerie or bra and panties to the world. The frequent introduction of new lingerie varieties and their ever-increasing demand opened doors for more experiments for the designers and manufacturer’s and the first every sexy nightwear – a long silk nightie with a plunging back and neckline with straps was designed in London. This instantly became a hit and a staple for every to-be bride’s trousseau.

The lingerie evolution led to the introduction of more and more regular lingerie and sexy bra panty sets one after the other.

Beauty Misconceptions

Can you imagine the amount of obsession with thin waistlines, that the first-ever innerwear for women was designed only to contract her waist and give a petite structure to her body? This era embedded the beauty standards that were illogical and were followed for centuries until a decade or two back. Though, corset pawed way to regular lingerie and sexy bra panty sets, yet the mindset did not change. On the one hand, regular lingerie was available in every size, while its sexy counterparts were reserved only for the slim women. The other section of women was not even considered while designing and manufacturing sexy lingerie, as their body was not seen as beautiful or sexy.

The bias did not stop here, and the dark-coloured people were considered inferior to the whites thanks to European Imperialism. Though, the slave countries later forced the British to set their nations free, British left but the divide between white and coloured is still persisting in many parts of the world. In fact, India is a Tropical country, and people here are brown or dark-coloured owing to our geographical location near the equator, yet here too, people are obsessed with fairer skin.

The Positive Change

As the societies modernized, the outlook changed, and slowly people started realizing how morally corrupt these beauty standards are. Every being is beautiful irrespective of their size and colour, and the concept of Body Positivity started being advocated throughout the globe. Social media gave a platform to the patrons of Body Positivity, and everyone from celebrities to commoners started denouncing and bashing beauty standards.

Initially, where lingerie brands only focused on thin waistlines, now most of these labels introduced special plus size sexy bra panty set sections, and many plus size lingerie brands made inroads in the market.


In a nutshell, always remember you are beautiful the way you are, and anything you do for your body should not be to impress others but for the happiness it brings you. Love yourself, celebrate your body, and appreciate your every feature.