Breast Cancer and More!

In our last blog, we walked through an overview about breast cancer. 


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Risk Factors involved in Breast Cancer

Risk Factors involved in Breast Cancer

Now, these risk factors differ from woman to woman. In certain cases, women had many of these risk factors but never suffered from breast cancer and in other cases, there were no risk factors at all and the women still suffered from it.

However, the factors which are highly related to breast cancer are as follows-

Gender- Women are FIFTY times more likely to suffer from breast cancer than men.

Age- With an increasing age, your chances of suffering from Breast Cancer also augment.

Previous Breast Conditions

Previous Breast Conditions- If you have ever been diagnosed with Lobular Carcinoma In Situ (LCIS) or Atypical Hyperplasia of the breast, you are at an increased risk of contracting breast cancer.

Previous Sufferer- if you have suffered from cancer in one breast, there are high chances that cancer might develop in the other boob as well.

Running History- If any of your immediate blood relatives such as your mother, sister or daughter have been diagnosed with breast cancer, your chances to get one increases. However, most of the cases of breast cancer had no previous family history.

Genetic Mutation- Certain kinds of genetic mutations such as BRCA1 and BRCA2 can be passed from parents to children. These mutations are known to cause cancer and they increase the risk of cancer in the receiver. However, it does not mean that every receiver will definitely suffer from cancer.

Exposure to Radiation- If at a younger age due to any reason you had to face radiations on your chest, you are at an increased risk of getting breast cancer. Thus, keep an eye on all the conditions of your breasts, the way you care for your lacy lingerie for women.

Consuming alcohol

Alcohol- Consuming alcohol puts you at a greater risk of breast cancer.

Late Pregnancy- Women who have babies after the age of 30 are at an increased risk to suffer from breast cancer.

Early Menstruation- Girls who start chumming at an age as early as 12 are at an augmented end to face breast cancer.

No Pregnancy- Women who have never been pregnant are at a greater risk of developing breast cancer as compared to the women with one or more pregnancies.

Obesity- Being obese that is to say having extra fats in your body can lead to breast cancer.

Menopause at an older age- Women who get their menopause at an older age are at an increased risk of suffering from breast cancer.

Hormonal Therapy- Many women undergo Hormonal Therapies after Menopause that involve a fusion of estrogen and progesterone. The risk is not involved when women take these medications, but when they stop taking it.

In conclusion, I repeat it again, it is not always essential that women having one or more of these factors will develop breast cancer and the women who have none of these will never develop one.

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