Air Travel Pillow and other Useful Valentine’s Gifting Options for Him!

We have officially entered the month of love. Welcome February on board. In the first place, let me pinch you, the first month of 2022 is over, and many of you still end the date with 2021. Jokes aside, February is here. I love this month as it celebrates love and romance, and I am a die-hard romantic person. Also, I feel love is not bounded by a specific day or month, and when you truly love someone, every moment spent with them is special. That being said, we cannot deny that after a specific age personal responsibilities and professional commitments push love to the backseat. Thus, taking out time to express your feelings to your partner becomes a thing, and what better day to do this rather than Valentine’s? However, we have not included cheesy gifts but pragmatic options such as an air travel pillow and others.

At Billebon, we not only cater to the lingerie needs of women but also emphasize on every topic that revolves around femininity. We bring to you everything from ways to prevent breast cancer to sexual myths to DIY ways to get rid of tanning and everything in between. In this blog, we have listed some of the best gifting ideas for your man.

Dress sexy to bed

There is no man in this world who does not want his woman to dress sexily to bed. This Valentine’s night, you can slip in a sexy night dress for women that he always wanted to see you in and surprise him to the core. You can also add a twist and try some roleplay ideas to make the night sexier and more memorable. Along with a sexy night dress for women, you can also bring in some sensual props like blindfold or handcuffs.

Sunscreen and Hydrating Cream

Except for some men, most of them are the last people to care for and hydrate their skin. If your man too falls in the latter category, you need to make him understand the importance of wearing sunscreen outdoors and duly hydrating the skin indoors. The best way to do this is, get him a non-sticky sunscreen and moisturizer and make sure he religiously uses it.

Electric Razor

If he does not already have one, do not give this one a second thought and buy it immediately. However, if he has one which is old, get him the latest electric razor on the market. If you love his sexy beard, contribute to its wear and tear.

Vintage Whisky or Rum

Like no woman has enough clothes, no man has enough alcohol in store. You can add to his collection, and can get him vintage whisky, rum, scotch or any hot drink of his choice, and it is going to be one of your best gifts for him.

A Trip to Goa

If the pandemic has taken a stress on your relationship or your mental health, this is a much-needed gift for both of you. You can drop some hints so he can take leaves from his workplace. However, you need not tell him what the destination is. Also, do not forget to pack a few swimsuits and sexy night dresses for women.

Air Travel Pillow

If wanderlust hits your guy every now and then, or if his work often requires him to travel long distances, an air travel pillow is the most useful gift for him. A neck support pillow supports the head without straining the back, neck, or shoulders of the traveler, and lets them sleep comfortably in the congested seat of a flight or a train.

Gaming Stuff

What do men love after their cars and bikes? Games, of course! You can get your man an updated gaming console, or any additions or enhancements that are not there in his collection. You can take this surprise a step further by competing with him in his favorite game and starting your Valentine’s celebration with a game date.

Gym supplies

If your guy is a gym-freak or is about to start working out, you can get him some cool gym stuff to boost his morale. You can consider supplies such as sippers, backpacks, or wireless headphones, or some sassy gym outfits.

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Formal Accessories

Which woman does not like her man in formals? If you are like the majority of us, rather than just asking him to dress formally often, get him some formal wear and accessories, so he knows exactly how you like to see him. You can also buy male bow ties in India to enhance his formal ensembles.