6 Yardsticks to Follow while Shopping Women Innerwear for a Mom-To-Be!

Pregnancy is one of the best times in a woman's life, and it makes you understand why women are unique and strong. It is the first stage of a new journey, and pregnancy brings happiness, youthfulness, and freshness to a mom-to-be. However, no matter how delighted a woman is, several physical and mental changes constantly take place in the months of pregnancy. It changes everything from your physical metabolism, mood, and mental strength to your wardrobe. There are several different things to consider when you are pregnant while looking for perfect women innerwear.

This blog discusses these parameters at length to make maternity lingerie shopping an easy job. Moreover, pregnancy is different for everyone, so it might be right for one but not the same for someone else. But the parameters that we are discussing here are common for all the preggers.


It has to be extremely comfortable, whether pregnant or not, for lingerie. Thus, the first most important parameter is comfort in a maternity lingerie option. This includes everything from straps, hooks, and belt to fabric quality. Women innerwear are the real makers and the culprits for the good or the bad show that an outfit pulls. Thus, even in pregnancy, pay attention to the fit and the overall look a women underwear or bra offers.

Secondly, if the hooks, the straps or the belt, or even the lingerie fabric is uncomfortable from a tiny part, it will still frustrate you. A woman becomes sensitive during pregnancy, and it is not only a responsibility but a necessity for everything that comes in contact with her to make her feel comfortable.

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Stylish maternity women innerwear

Comfort does not mean that you need to compromise on style. We have often stressed how beautiful lingerie is a literal mood-lifter, which goes for pregnant women as well. Unlike a few decades ago, now maternity lingerie is available in an eclectic range of options. Thus, you need not choose either one from the comfort and good looks. An important thing stressed by doctors and every woman who has pushed out another being from her vagina maintain that being happy and staying positive is vital for every mom-to-be. Pregnancy naturally results in a tornado of mood swings, and staying uplifted and delighted from within is the only way to conquer them.

Thus, wearing stylish women underwear and bra keeps your mood happy irrespective of the mood swings.

Fashion Statement

Pregnancy is celebrated today in a way it has never been before, and by celebration, I do not mean just the baby shower event or any other formal celebration. I mean celebration day in and day out, celebration in every sense. This is your time to be the diva you have always been, and do not let pregnancy come between your celebrations. You too can pull a Kylie Jenner or a Kim Kardashian as effortlessly as they do. As I mentioned above, most lingerie stores offer a good range of options, so you should invest in some statement maternity lingerie to compliment your unique maternity clothing. Moreover, you can also use this statement lingerie in your maternity photoshoots if you wish to make it sexy.

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Throughout the pregnancy period, your body shape and size will keep on changing. Thus, buying a few things only will not suffice for the entire pregnancy phase. However, many versatile pieces are available in the market, especially in the bra category, that can be utilized throughout your pregnancy. Convertible bras with adjustable bands are a good example here. Also, the convertible bra can be a good utility in the post-pregnancy period.


As your tummy grows bigger, the panties you brought a month ago might seem useless. This thing will continue till your delivery. Moreover, many of these panties will become completely useless after the delivery. Thus, do not buy extremely expensive women underwear if you have a budget.

Energetic Innerwear

Pregnancy brings a set of physical and mental effects, and many times it brings mood-lessness, feeling exhausting, tiring, and fatigue. Surrounding yourself with active innerwear is a good way to energies and motivate yourself to take charge. Invest in a good sports bra and other activewear options for the days when you do not feel like doing anything.


Billebon offers a wide range of maternity women innerwear that ticks all these boxes. Our maternity lingerie will not be with you only during the pregnancy, but the maternity bras are the best for the breastfeeding period.